File Types Database

A database of complete information about the most popular file formats and programs to support them.


Open JSON file

JSON filetype details

A JSON file can be described as data file that retailers basic info constructions and objects in ...

File Extension: JSON

Open APK file

APK filetype details

A great APK file is a fantastic software made pertaining to Google android, Googles mobile phone...

File Extension: APK

Open PKPASS file

PKPASS filetype details

A PKPASS file may be a data file utilized by simply Passbook, a great iOS 6 iphone app used for ...

File Extension: PKPASS

Open NOMEDIA file

NOMEDIA filetype details

A NOMEDIA data file is known as a file kept upon a fantastic Android portable product, or perhap...

File Extension: NOMEDIA


CRDOWNLOAD filetype details

A CRDOWNLOAD document is known as a partially downloaded document crafted by just the Google Chr...

File Extension: CRDOWNLOAD

Open EPUB file

EPUB filetype details

The. epub data file file format is usually very often provided to files that contain recently be...

File Extension: EPUB

Open OPUS file

OPUS filetype details

The OPUS data file extension is usually used for a great audio codec structure that was produced...

File Extension: OPUS

Open FLAC file

FLAC filetype details

FLAC goes down how big is digital audio tracks approximately 70 percent and it is a commonly sup...

File Extension: FLAC

Open MKV file

MKV filetype details

An excellent MKV document may be a internet video document kept in the Matroska media systems we...

File Extension: MKV