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What is .FLAC file?

FLAC goes down how big is digital audio tracks approximately 70 percent and it is a commonly supported data format throughout the most well-known systems. That is certainly open source and created by just the Xiph.Org Basis.

A FLAC file is a audio data file squeezed in the No cost Lossless Sound Codec (FLAC) format, which is an free lossless sound compression file format. That is certainly identical to a great. MP3 document, even so is definitely squeezed with no loss found in top quality as well as reduction of any kind of first audio info. A FLAC Finger print document, which will comprises of the filename and checksum data for a FLAC file, may possibly come to be made and also the FLAC file. This kind of document can be typically called "ffp. txt".

How to open .FLAC file?

# Windows
1 xrecode
2 Winamp
# Mac OS
1 VLC media player
2 Toast 11
# Linux
1 Xine
2 VLC media player
# Android
1 VLC media player for Android
# iOS
1 VLC Media Player for iOS