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What is .JSON file?

A JSON file can be described as data file that retailers basic info constructions and objects in JavaScript Concept Renvoi (JSON) ard data interchange format, which is a st and format. That is largely utilized for transferring details between an internet need and a hardware. JSON data files are light-weight, textbased, human-readable, and is modified utilizing a text message publisher.

More Info The JSON file format was recently depending on a subsection, subdivision, subgroup, subcategory, subclass of JavaScript however can be perceived as a language-independent style, getting backed simply by numerous one of a kind coding APIs. JSON is usually typically used in Ajax Internet program development. That may be developing significantly reputed seeing that an excellent substitute for XML.

How to open .JSON file?

# Windows
1 XMLSpy
2 Text editor
# Mac OS
1 TextWrangler
2 TextEdit
# Linux
1 Vim
2 Text editor