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What is .NOMEDIA file?

A NOMEDIA data file is known as a file kept upon a fantastic Android portable product, or perhaps about a great alternative storage space credit card connected to a Google android unit. This marks the attaching data file seeing that having not any multi-media systems facts so the directory site can most certainly not always be read and indexed by multimedia systems players. NOMEDIA documents do not filename word and are also fundamentally generally known as .nomedia.

The utilization of NOMEDIA files can help enhance performance by simply eliminating version that do definitely not ought to be sought. To get case in point, a directory which includes a large number of music or photos could be omitted. NOMEDIA data files may as well be used to cover advertisings presented in free software the moment put into the same listing blog from the advertising. Numerous Google android music and online video players, and photo internet browsers (Gallery, MP3 FORMAT Gamer, Video Player, etc . ) acknowledge NOMEDIA data files.

How to open .NOMEDIA file?

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